Author Topic: Best Skype conversation EVER  (Read 154 times)


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Best Skype conversation EVER
« on: October 31, 2012, 06:00:54 pm »
[21:42:29] afreakingtaco: no regrets
[21:42:54] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake stares oakland dead in the eye
[21:43:06] afreakingtaco: oh
[21:43:06] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) slowly backs away..
[21:43:07] afreakingtaco: OH!
[21:43:12] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake follows
[21:43:38] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) starts to speed up his pace
[21:44:09] James 'Genius' Lake: what's the hurry mr.oak? going somewhere?
[21:44:18] Gustavo (oaklandking): What? Oh no no..
[21:44:21] Gustavo (oaklandking): Just.. no
[21:44:24] Gustavo (oaklandking): Just taking a walk
[21:44:24] Gustavo (oaklandking): You know?
[21:44:30] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake presses a button
[21:44:37] James 'Genius' Lake: know what that did?
[21:44:43] Gustavo (oaklandking): No..
[21:44:53] James 'Genius' Lake: nothing
[21:44:58] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake shoots oak in the shin
[21:45:03] afreakingtaco: lol
[21:45:05] Gustavo (oaklandking): AH
[21:45:13] Gustavo (oaklandking): FUUUU...!
[21:45:32] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) Rolls over in pain
[21:45:33] afreakingtaco: santa is going on a rampage
[21:45:34] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake pulls out party poppers and yells SURPRISE!
[21:45:45] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) Is suprised!
[21:45:47] James 'Genius' Lake: it's your Birthday Part-O **** I SHOT YOU
[21:46:05] Gustavo (oaklandking): SHITTT MAN
[21:46:06] Gustavo (oaklandking): WTF?!
[21:46:33] James 'Genius' Lake: SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE
[21:46:33] afreakingtaco: how do you do that?
[21:46:40] James 'Genius' Lake: don't you die on me!
[21:46:47] Gustavo (oaklandking): SOMEONE GET MY AN AMBULANCE!
[21:46:49] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake applies pressure to wound
[21:46:56] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake realises he killed taco
[21:46:58] Gustavo (oaklandking): TACO!
[21:47:00] Gustavo (oaklandking): ****
[21:47:02] James 'Genius' Lake: oh **** I KILLED HIM
[21:47:06] Gustavo (oaklandking): UM
[21:47:07] Gustavo (oaklandking): UM
[21:47:07] Gustavo (oaklandking): UH
[21:47:09] Gustavo (oaklandking): SHITT
[21:47:16] Gustavo (oaklandking): THINK FAST!
[21:47:22] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake laughs uncontrollably, goes insane
[21:47:28] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake picks up sledgehammer
[21:47:29] Gustavo (oaklandking): NO
[21:47:32] Gustavo (oaklandking): NOT NOW JAMES
[21:47:39] James 'Genius' Lake: sorry oak
[21:47:40] Gustavo (oaklandking): James...
[21:47:45] Gustavo (oaklandking): PUT THE SLEDGE DOWN
[21:47:45] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake raises sledgehammer
[21:47:48] Gustavo (oaklandking): NO
[21:47:52] Gustavo (oaklandking): WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK
[21:47:54] James 'Genius' Lake: why not?
[21:47:58] Gustavo (oaklandking): ILL CAN WORK FOR YOU!
[21:48:01] Gustavo (oaklandking): I*
[21:48:17] afreakingtaco: this the time that you say somthing like ''no i didnt kill him.. it was suicide.. yes! he killed him self whit a hammer'' james
[21:48:37] James 'Genius' Lake: work for me?
[21:48:45] Gustavo (oaklandking): Um.. sure?
[21:48:52] Gustavo (oaklandking): JUST DONT KILL ME
[21:49:03] Gustavo (oaklandking): YOU ALREADY SHOT MY SHIN
[21:49:11] afreakingtaco: A bright flash apears!!
[21:49:21] afreakingtaco: afreakingtaco steps out of the light
[21:49:23] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake hands sledgehammer to oak
[21:49:26] afreakingtaco: JAMES
[21:49:32] afreakingtaco: this ends here!
[21:49:33] James 'Genius' Lake: go and finish the job with taco
[21:49:34] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) grabs sledgehammer
[21:49:42] Gustavo (oaklandking): Nuuuuu!
[21:49:47] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake raises gun
[21:49:49] James 'Genius' Lake: DO IT
[21:49:54] afreakingtaco: you have done enugh
[21:49:55] Gustavo (oaklandking): YOU DONT HAVE THE BALLZ
[21:50:05] James 'Genius' Lake: TRY ME
[21:50:13] afreakingtaco: JAAAAAAME
[21:50:13] afreakingtaco: s
[21:50:21] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake shoots taco in the leg
[21:50:23] James 'Genius' Lake: SHUT UP
[21:50:33] afreakingtaco: is this what your father woud have whanted james?
[21:50:38] James 'Genius' Lake: finish him oak or I'll shoot you
[21:50:44] afreakingtaco: afreakingtaco holds his leg
[21:50:45] James 'Genius' Lake: don't you talk about my father!
[21:50:47] Gustavo (oaklandking): Im sorry taco..
[21:50:56] James 'Genius' Lake: do it oak...
[21:50:57] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) raises gun..
[21:51:00] afreakingtaco: Your father was a greate man james!
[21:51:09] James 'Genius' Lake: SMASH HIS HEAD WITH A HAMMER
[21:51:11] afreakingtaco: You DONT HAVE TO TO DO THIS
[21:51:23] Gustavo (oaklandking): IM SORRY
[21:51:27] afreakingtaco: the can be redemtion!
[21:51:29] Gustavo (oaklandking): BUT I HAVE TO DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO
[21:51:38] James 'Genius' Lake: say goodnght taco
[21:51:44] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) points gun at taco
[21:51:45] afreakingtaco: afreakingtaco jumps off roof
[21:51:57] Gustavo (oaklandking): How da fuq did you jump?
[21:52:03] Gustavo (oaklandking): They shot your leg!!
[21:52:04] James 'Genius' Lake: NO!
[21:52:11] James 'Genius' Lake: COME BACK!
[21:52:15] afreakingtaco: slomo of taco falling*
[21:52:18] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake shoots after taco
[21:52:23] James 'Genius' Lake: BANG
[21:52:24] James 'Genius' Lake: BANG
[21:52:48] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake stares at oak, picks up sledgehammer
[21:52:53] afreakingtaco: a tear is forsed out if taco's eye*
[21:52:55] Gustavo (oaklandking): TACO COME BACK
[21:53:01] Gustavo (oaklandking): PLEASE!
[21:53:03] Gustavo (oaklandking): FLY
[21:53:05] Gustavo (oaklandking): FLY UP HERE
[21:53:06] James 'Genius' Lake: he's dead...
[21:53:10] afreakingtaco: as he hits a car that was parked out side the house*
[21:53:13] Gustavo (oaklandking): ...
[21:53:22] James 'Genius' Lake: oak you failed..
[21:53:26] Gustavo (oaklandking): Hey james...
[21:53:28] Gustavo (oaklandking): You know we buddies..
[21:53:31] Gustavo (oaklandking): Right?
[21:53:32] James 'Genius' Lake: huh?
[21:53:37] James 'Genius' Lake: used to be.
[21:53:40] Gustavo (oaklandking): Remeber how we were gonna kill taco?
[21:53:44] Gustavo (oaklandking): Remember the good time!
[21:53:46] Gustavo (oaklandking): times*
[21:53:52] Gustavo (oaklandking): Like that one time..
[21:54:00] Gustavo (oaklandking): And that other one..
[21:54:07] James 'Genius' Lake: too late oak
[21:54:11] Gustavo (oaklandking): NO
[21:54:12] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake raises sledge
[21:54:16] Gustavo (oaklandking): NO PLEASE
[21:54:19] Gustavo (oaklandking): IT CANT END LIKE THIS
[21:54:22] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake brings the sledge down, breaking oak's arm
[21:54:26] James 'Genius' Lake: **** I MISSED
[21:54:27] Gustavo (oaklandking): AHHHH
[21:54:30] Gustavo (oaklandking): Oh
[21:54:31] Gustavo (oaklandking): Okay
[21:54:41] James 'Genius' Lake: keep your head still this time
[21:54:50] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) doesnt keep his head still
[21:55:11] afreakingtaco: you do realize that we just wrote a action movie that probebly woud make millions
[21:55:32] afreakingtaco: just putting it out there
[21:55:36] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake brings down sledge, just missing oak's head
[21:55:52] James 'Genius' Lake: you know you've only got one bullet left in that pistol right?
[21:55:55] James 'Genius' Lake: better make it count
[21:56:08] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake raises hammer...
[21:56:14] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) raises gun with broken and cripled arm
[21:56:20] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) points at james
[21:56:24] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake laughs maniacally
[21:56:26] James 'Genius' Lake: wait...
[21:56:27] Philippe (The Phish): nigga im tryna smoke
[21:56:28] James 'Genius' Lake: NO!
[21:56:29] Philippe (The Phish): **** get higha
[21:56:39] Gustavo (oaklandking): TOO LATE
[21:56:42] Philippe (The Phish): doma where that flocka flame talkin bout a lighta
[21:56:52] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) Shoots james in the left leg
[21:56:55] James 'Genius' Lake: GAH
[21:56:59] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake drops hammer
[21:57:08] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) Laughs Uncontrollably
[21:57:30] Philippe (The Phish): Philippe (The Phish) brings taco back to life
[21:57:36] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake remembers oak only had one bullet. Mans the **** up and smashes oak's head with the hammer.
[21:57:40] Philippe (The Phish): with all his genitals intact
[21:57:41] afreakingtaco: AWWWWWWWWWW YEAH BITCHES
[21:57:47] Gustavo (oaklandking): Gustavo (oaklandking) dies
[21:57:51] afreakingtaco: **** TACO THE GRAY
[21:57:53] James 'Genius' Lake: haha
[21:57:55] James 'Genius' Lake: wait...
[21:57:56] afreakingtaco: whait
[21:58:00] afreakingtaco: white
[21:58:01] James 'Genius' Lake: TACO? YOU WERE DEAD!
[21:58:11] afreakingtaco: hell yeah i was
[21:58:29] James 'Genius' Lake: James 'Genius' Lake throws hammer at taco
[21:58:42] afreakingtaco: afreakingtaco dies
[21:58:45] James 'Genius' Lake: lol
[21:58:47] James 'Genius' Lake: THE END.

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Re: Best Skype conversation EVER
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2012, 06:11:01 pm »
this is gold in hollywood


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Re: Best Skype conversation EVER
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2012, 07:45:04 pm »
So... beautiful :')


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Re: Best Skype conversation EVER
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2012, 05:35:02 am »
HAHA, i read the whole thing, worth it :D

My best was probably with TJ we ended up doing a video (search on YouTube "caffeine TJTJ5"

We said DERP every few seconds and I killed TJ and stole his xp :3

Para is amazing! :D


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Re: Best Skype conversation EVER
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2012, 08:31:23 am »