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Kazzillyown Mod App
« on: August 29, 2012, 12:27:36 pm »
In Game Name Kazzillyown

Age 27

When do you play random days off and evenings to late nights

Do you already have a rank Helper

What would make you a good Mod?

I enjoy being able to help people, I don't put long times into building things, or delve a great deal of effort into most things I try to build. I make simple things because I am usually watching chat for anyone needing help.
right now I'm a helper and I love the role but we have several others of the same rank and more so others who'd love to move up into it.
I don't want  to stop being able to help infact I want to be able to do more!
I'm around times I don't normally see a mod or admin on, rare but it happens and several times someone has come on going spam bot before anyone showed up to fix it.
there's a late night crowd some nights and I'd love to help more should they ever need it.

I know this is short, but most around know me, I don't go causing problems and I don't go picking fights. I'm just happy to do what I can to make others happy as long as it doesn't go against the rules of the server.
since sometimes what needs to be done isn't something everyone is going to like.

thanks for reading.
your friendly sever helper

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Re: Kazzillyown Mod App
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2012, 04:40:39 pm »
older than most players and mature
so this is the kind of person i would feel safe around because i know they can make the right calls.
seriously, give kazzilyown mod, really deserves it from all the helping that is done , and the rank speaks for itself!
look into this admins, i havent seen a time where a call for help hasnt been noticed by kazzilyown


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Re: Kazzillyown Mod App
« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2012, 07:33:01 pm »
Wow, so I thought I did this a long time ago, but.....
And have you been on lately, I haven't seen you.