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Builder Application format
« on: September 30, 2012, 01:53:16 am »
In Game name?:
When you play?:
Do you already have a rank?:
What is your favorite build of your own?:
Favorite style of building?:
What would make you a good builder?:
(pictures and info below this stuff)

Have more than 1 build to show off but no more than 5

Take the best pictures your can, if you are going to be posting A LOT of pictures give links to them on a picture hosting site ..... this will make your application load faster

Make sure you give information about where a build or builds are located EX: warps or near other well known builds.

Don't waste our time with amateur builds, if your 5 year old bro/sis/cousin can do it then don't bother. Showing us a cobblestone box for example is a waste of time.

You should be able to use materials above the normal person, a piece of wood just looks like a piece of wood to a non builder but maybe you see that piece of wood as a piece of an elaborate window frame or even an elaborate floor design....
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