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IGN: Mikeb1234
Mod/admin that Mutes you: I believe it was bold? however the nick name was "ArseCupake"
Reason for mute: Yea, so I see 'ArseCupcake as someone nick and didnt know who it was, so i invite "Cupcake" to see my base, they told me if I called them cupcake again Id get muted, but I could hardly call the "Arse" right? so I asked them again and bam muted forever. It's really non of my business, but perhaps you should have a talk with your mods about abusing there power. Sincerly, Mikeb1234, P.S. Don't flip out on me, alot of owners/admins hate having there staff talked bad about, but I mean come on, mute for life for calling them cupcake, servers I come from would hardly allow that. Thanks.

"Muted forever" is a bit of an exaggeration. You were muted for at most 10 minutes.
And as to power abuse, I was not planning on muting you until pancake suggested it. And if you have a problem with our new admin, I would suggest that you talk to him about it.

admins descision is final, sorry mikeb


are we gonna lock this topic or what?


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