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Ban appeal for kaitlyn1905 (Not me :3)

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So yeah, she was at my house and she asked me about Project Rooster and whats it like. I told her the Ip and when she joined, she somehow got banned.

The message was that she got banned from ALL mcbans servers. Though she swears that she never greifed in her LIFE. She said she got hacked a few times though.
So yeah, help my friend please?

err, I personally would love to help but it's kind of confusing considering how little information there is  ???

Thats all the info I could really gather. It kinda just happend. There was no evidence what she even did to get banned.  Sorry about the lack of info, but thats all I know

There are a few things that could be going on for this situation....
1. her rep is too low for the server maybe? it needs to be at least a 7 to come on.
2. She had a mod for her Minecraft that NoCheatPlus detected and didn't like and straight up banned her ( I saw this happen to bnsf on another server)
3. She was hacking and NoCheatPlus caught her and auto banned her.

Besides these possibilities I don't know what would have gotten her banned unless a moderator did it.

1. When I look though her .minecraft she doesn't even have modloader or anything. She fails at installing mods.
2. She didn't even get to spawn. It just said she's banned from all mcbans servers.

Yeah, sorry about the lack of info, but I just want my friend get onto PR :(


Found out the reason why she was banned.

Apparently she is a Alternative account of her brother called 'dual_boot' 

Yeah, I need to somehow contact mcbans and see if they can unban her :/


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